Team – Low Vision Group

Fatima Anaflous graduated from Clermont-Ferrand University of medicine as an orthoptist in 2002, has an experience as an orthoptist in the ophthalmology field and particularly in low vision. During 7 years, she worked as an independent in Paris region, as an orthoptist and as an ophthalmologist assistant (e.g. Images analysis, functional vision assessment), and acquired clinical ophthalmologic experience. Then, she had the opportunity to integrate the Second Sight Medical company, first as a field clinical engineer and then as a rehabilitation specialist. She developed ultra-low vision tools and rehabilitation programs (e.g. prosthetic vision) for epiretinal implant users. During 4 years, she collaborated with ophthalmologic centers around Europe and United States. At the end of 2014, she joined FAA, at the Hôpital ophtalmique Jules-Gonin as an orthoptist and then during 3 years, she has been managing the low vision department in Jules Gonin eye hospital, which allows her to integrate the low vision network in Switzerland and to understand better the multidisciplinary approach. She is also working in the Low Vision department with patients which allow her to maintain clinical experience in the field of low vision.

Pedro Pessoa holds a Bachelor’s in Sciences of Occupational therapy from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (CH, 2017). His Bachelor thesis “development of social and motor skills in collective sports for ASD children” was awarded by the quality of research method. After 10 years of professional sports practice, he works as an occupational therapist in the pediatrics and psychiatrics field. He joins the FAA and its low vision department in 2018. At FAA, he participated to the development of new rehabilitation methods and in an industrial European project EIT EVISA. His interest for research lies on quality of life (QoL), sensitive reeducation and environment interaction especially for people with sensitive disorders.

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